I am a junior in Mechanical Engineering and have spent countless hours doing hands on tasks and creating. I have a 3D printer in my room, and am incredibly familiar with 3D printing on hobby FDM machines. I also spent a few summers doing construction in high school so I have a fairly good handle on using power tools and hand tools. I also spent a few summers designing and manufacturing parts on a 3-axis CNC machining. Other skills include:

  • 3D design in Solidworks
  • Basic circuits and electronics
  • 3D printing (hobby printer in room)
  • Laser cutter (personal machine in garage, ITLL access)
  • Brewing a tasty cup o’ Joe
  • Soldering
  • Car on campus
  • Access to many power tools
  • Design iteration and brain storming
  • Sometimes funny, clever, and/or witty
  • Matlab/Excel/Mathematica/EES
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Pete, sounds like you’re the man!!! I will definitely keep all of these things in mind as I am working on my final project.


Peter, I definitely want to learn more about 3D printing this semester and it sounds like you are the man to talk to. Look out for some questions in the future…


Wow Peter I am impressed. I think it is so cool that you have a 3D printer in your room! How expensive was that? You have so much experience that I don’t have and I think that is awesome. I also think your skill of sometimes being funny, clever, and/or witty should be elevated to being extremely funny, clever, and/or witty only because you included that in your skill set. I can’t wait to have your input on my final project!


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