Danny Rankin Skill Set Post.

I’m Danny Rankin- a 1st year masters student in the ATLAS Institute’s Creative Technologies and Design program. Before starting my Masters, I worked as a software instructor for Apple- I have 6 years experience teaching software, specifically video editing with Final Cut Pro, audio engineering with Logic Pro, and design in Adobe Illustrator. I’m also an experienced painter and woodworker, and have some skills in physical computing (Arduino, Processing, Raspberry Pi), mostly as a result of being the manager of the ATLAS BTU Lab for the past three semesters. I maintain the laser cutter in the lab, so I know a lot about both designing for laser cutting in Rhinoceros, and the actual physical use of the equipment.

I live and work on a local organic farm, so I’m handy with livestock, manual transmissions, power tools, heavy machinery and tedious physical labor.

I have a 3 year old son, so I’m skilled with dad jokes and enduring physical/mental pain.

I’m also an experienced musician (~20 years), if that comes in handy for anyone.



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  • Wow you have such a diverse set of skills! I wish I had seen this post sooner in the semester so that I could use your help… Anyway, good work on your semester project! I saw it during ATLAS EXPO, it’s so artistic!

  • […] think I mentioned this in my skill sets post, but my background is pretty diverse, and it’s been a long road to the point where I have an […]

  • It looks like you have some serious experience and skills that students will find helpful. Programming is something often shied away from by mechanical engineers so its good to have people with that skill to learn from. A well timed dad joke can always help to keep work light too!

  • Interesting skillset you have. Definitely different from the majority of the class and both Shen and me. I’m interested in learning how to make high quality promotional videos (think kickstarter) for my various projects. Do you think that is something that you could help on for my project in this class? I think we will be brainstorming our ideas tomorrow in class so we could talk about it.


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