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Hey Guys,

I didn’t know the best way to write all of this down so I made some handy bullet pointed lists based on my experience or knowledge in each skill. Even if I am partially proficient in something, I will probably  be able to point you to someone who does know it. This, I consider is one of my greatest skills. I also put some cool skills that probably won’t be at all applicable to the project but maybe you will enjoy reading them.

Partially proficient:

  • Fluids, Thermo, Heat Transfer (I took them… a while ago)
  • Electronics (Mainly I know how to draw a diagram and then ask people if it will work)


  • Wood and Foam CNC Milling (the hard part is getting access to a machine)
  • Woodworking (know about sticking two pieces of wood together but maybe not the strongest way)
  • Welding (I can stick metal together and it sticks!)

Very Proficient:

  • Laser Cutting (Used to get paid to monitor/help people use laser cutters)
  • Metal Machining (milling, lathing, etc.)
  • CAD (Solid works especially, although I do know rhyno)


  • Skiing (I’m on the National team for Telemark Racing)
  • Injection molding (Spent a three summers at Boa Technology working with injected parts)
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