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At the end of this semester, I will be graduating. That’s both exciting and scary, and I don’t know which is more over powering. Anyways, I’m really hoping to use as many of the skills I’ve learned in my projects this semester and develop them further. Using thermo would be great, maybe heat transfer, fluids, system dynamics, and manufacturing (I do that all the time, but I’m told more is better).

As far as gaining experience, I guess I’d like to take on more responsibilities in general. For my senior design project, specifically. Other than that, I can’t really nail anything down, but I know more things will come up and I’ll grab them as they arise. For every project I do, I end up having to learn things and or get more experience with things I thought I knew pretty well (whether or not I really did know them well depends).

For my first job, I want to work really hard. I want a challenging job that pushes me and forces me to use and expand my skills. I’m hoping to be busy all the time. I’d like to work for a small aerospace company that has lofty goals. I want to work in a small-team environment and do hands-on projects where I can do everything from design, to machining, to testing, to refining the final product.

My dream job is to be an astronaut. Not necessarily an astronaut on the ISS or an enclosed mission, but I want to go to the moon or Mars, or further. Regardless of whether or not this ever happens, I know for a fact that the aerospace industry is my dream, so I think most of the jobs I’ll get will in a way be my dream job. If I can’t personally go to space, I might as well send some awesome stuff up there to do some exploring for me.

Basically, I want to become a great engineer, and an explorer. While I can’t say I have the clearest plan, (I’m not one to plan everything out for years in advance anyways) I’m sure I want to do aerospace.

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  • I am pretty sure you will become a good engineer with those skills you developed in CU. I totally agree that graduation is truly a bitter-sweet experience. And also, becoming an astronaut is really really cool!

  • I agree with you on the small team / small company! Fast paced is definitely the benefit there.

    I also feel you on Mars… I’m convinced space exploration is what our generation is going to be remembered for… and I want to be a part of it too. 🙂


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