Gardner’s Aspirations

I have a strong passion for cars and motorsports, so I am currently looking for jobs in that industry. My dream job would either be a development engineer/ driver for a car company. These engineers essentially develop the handling performance and character of a car through test driving. I hope to find my first job somewhat close to this aspect of the car industry. I am also an amateur racing driver and would love to follow this path to a profession. Although if you know anything about car racing, you know it’s expensive. Hopefully after I graduate, I can commit more time to racing and finding sponsorships.

While I am passionate about cars and racing, I would like to develop my artistic design skills and woodworking skills in this class. I have always been interested in furniture design, and I hope to gain some experience creating attractive pieces in this class. I’ve always dreamed of having a job as a racing driver or development driver but being involved with a design studio on the side.

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  • I didn’t realize there was a job building cars and then driving them. That sounds like a pretty sweet gig, you should pursue that for sure. You do also draw pretty well (compared to me at least), have you thought about going for a designer role within that field?

  • wow!


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