Erick’s Aspiration

In the years that I have been studding Mechanical engineering I have taken very interesting class. I noticed that although I learned the theory of how things should work, I have not learned the practices to the extent that I would like. What do I mean by this? Well looking back in previous classes and labs, you learn equations, theory’s, laws of how things behave, but you don’t apply to an extent to were you actually know it and understand it. Even in labs all we are doing is fallowing instructions but the times that you learn is not when you get it right because you read it correctly, it is when get it wrong that you learn and understand in the attempt to figure out how to trouble shoot the problem. So what I am hoping to gain in experience and skill this semester and by graduating are in the following ways. I hope to apply the theory (meaning knowledge learn from classes such as equations, laws, and concepts) and actually Appling it to my projects. I would also like to fine a happy medium between design and engineering. I am looking forward in designing my own project and seeing it to completions. The skills that I would like to improve and become more efficient on the fallowing; Drafting, rapid prototyping, creating bill of materials to minimize unnecessary cost, and finally manufacturing processes.

What I would like to do in my first job is to be a large part of the design and creative process. I would like to be the sculptor of the product but yet also the engineer. I guess I would tittle it Mechanical Design Engineer.

For my ideal job I would love to be a part of creation of prototypes, designs, consulting, and overall be very hands on. I would eventually like to create my own business but I need experience and practice before then.

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  • I feel like design engineering is something that you could be very good at and I hope that you can find a career field that you want. You are a great people person and would work well as a hands on people person.


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