Yusen’s Aspiration

For this semester, I would like to gain more knowledge in air pollution control and heat transfer. That’s the reason for me to choose energy as my graduate track. In the future, I want to be involved in sustainable energy or anything related to improve the environment.

So, In my first job, I would like to be involved in environment-related careers such an air pollution control engineer. I want to get familiar with those air pollution control devices such as ESP, cyclone and fabric fibers. My dream job is to become a great environment specialists that help the world to improve our own environment. It is really amazing if I could really achieve this goal.

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  • Cool man! Nowadays people only care about making profits even if they are polluting the environment. The field that you are studying in is very important for earth’s future. I’m sure in the near future you will be able to use your skills in cities like Beijing, San Fransisco, etc. Good luck!

  • I really think this is going to be one of the most important fields of the next 100 years. What inspired you to become interested in air pollution and environmental engineering? Where do you hope your dream job would be located?


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