Kevin’s Aspirations

This semester, I’m hoping to add an organic aspect to my design portfolio. I’ve worked a lot with sharp/straight cad designs, but recently started working with surfaces and more natural features. I’d like to continue working on the aesthetic side of my designs, rather than focusing on functionality exclusively.


In my first job, I hope to be working as a design engineer, balanced between functionality and visual appearance. Consumer goods are attractive to me for this reason- not only does it need to work well, it also needs to look good. I really like the pace and environment of a start up company, and hope to find a young idea and team I can plug in with early in the product lifecycle. My dream job would be as a lead designer, making creative, visually appealing designs work with my mechanical background.

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  • Ashley Zimmerer
    February 21, 2016 11:44 pm

    I’ve found it’s a bit difficult to use organic elements in design, depending on what they are, of course. Do you mean using natural materials, natural shapes, or what? Very cool if you use any sort of natural elements in your final project. Also, that’s a great goal, to design consumer products. It seems like that would be a really fun job!

  • I think it is awesome you want to start to move towards more organic shapes and forms in your design. I do find that aesthetically those forms work better visually most times and that humans are more attune towards natural forms. I really like your desire to be a lead designer that creates something beautiful, while still being functional. Do you have any idea of what start up company you would want to work at yet or what sort of products you would like to design?

  • Moving to more natural design features sounds like a cool approach, and I think that’s what this class is about. I’m interested to see what you come up with for your final project.


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