12 Design Review Requirements and UPDes – Color

In class today we spent 5 minutes to set up typical week team meeting times, for trading labor. If you were absent, it is your responsibility to contact your team and get this done.

A couple of other logistics:


Design Review Report due on blog Weds March 2

  • What will it say upon a first impression?
  • What will it do?
    • How do these add up to aesthetic and functional specifications/goals?
  • List your inspirations (OK to cut/paste from prior blog). What are you adding that is new?
  • What will the hardest/trickiest/critical part be? The part where if it fails, your project fails.
    • Do this first, preferably by March 2
  • Can you create a rough prototype including your critical component? Do it!
  • Cost estimate
  • Map out your timeline, including shopping, ordering, testing and revisions.


Universal Principles of Design (UPDes)

Book and video series, available on Lynda.com (http://www.colorado.edu/lynda)

Many good functional design rules, based on ergonomics, psychology, market research; what do people do when they interact with designs? Text has references that video omits.

And some good aesthetics rules, based on research on human likes/dislikes.


Today,  a few video topics

1) Supernormal Stimuli: instinctual likings/ or dislikes; responses.

Examples from students:

Red Blue and Yellow – draw eyes, attractive

Shiny; always looking for water

Orthogonal shapes, sharp angles make humans anxious (more on this later)

Musical notes: Pentatonic scale, equal temperment. Humans like hearing frequencies with rational relationships like perfect 3rds and 5ths.

2)White Effects:

3)Black Effects


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