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For my final project, I have a few ideas that I am bouncing around with… but I think I might go with this one.

The current idea is to create a table top or wall mounted sculpture using ferrofluid. I have been fascinated by ferrofluid ever since I came across it years ago in a lab and have always wanted to work with the stuff. There is an exhibit in the ITLL that continues to tease my interest every time I walk by. The deep purple/black color is captivating to me especially when it is being magnetized and taking on different forms.

Along with the underlying desire to play with the fluid, here are some images that have inspired me:

Image Taken from:



Artist: Alessandro Brighetti


Thought these images are inspiring, I have a hard time deciding how I want to manipulate the fluid to create something of my own. I love the modern look of the top image for the ferrofluid looks sleek and almost dangerous in a way. Almost like a big black blow fish. The way Alessandro Brighetti incorporated the fluid into a piece of his own artwork is fascinating. It’s almost like the skull represents a man having a nightmare.

The first thing I need to do is actually get my hands on some ferrofluid so I can play around with it and develop an understanding of how I can manipulate it into different forms.

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  • I love this idea and fluid! I feel like this has the potential to turn out really unique based on the shape of the magnets you use. I especially enjoy the Darth Vader one. It tells a story and that might be a great place for you to start when you are creating your design. It could be a great piece of display art.

  • This would be a really cool project. You should check out the show Black Sails. I could be completely wrong but I think they use this to create there opening credits and make some sweet sculptures. I love the black in the shape of a skull. Definitely has a dark and mysterious spooky feel which would make for a sweet table decoration.


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