FiberOptic Chandelier- Five Project Constraints

  1. Implementing the Arduino is not too much of a challenge, but the hard part is making the project aesthetically pleasing with all the electronics sitting on top of the base. Maybe finding a way to hide the Arduino with a dome cover is an option.
  2. Chandelier must be in equilibrium, balancing perfectly while hanging from the ceiling.
  3. Ensuring that fishing line is tied tight enough onto the base, hook, and acrylic
  4. I have limited soldering experience so will need to get help in soldering the LED’s with either EL wire or other wire so the LED’s can hang from the base.
  5. A power supply, other than my computer will need to be found and implemented
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  • Jakob Oreskovich
    May 4, 2016 2:06 pm

    If you need any help soldering, let me know, I’ve gotten quite a bit of experience over the last two semesters. Also, if you want to set up your led arrays on a separate PCB or breadboard, this might allow you some creative freedom in your final design. Let me know!

  • Shawn Sprinkle
    April 3, 2016 8:24 pm

    That would be awesome to add a cover to make it look like a jellyfish! If you’re looking at a material that’s more flimsy you could support it with coat hangers. It would also be cool to add strips of EL wire to make the dome glow. You can find those at

  • I know I mentioned this in class to you, but I think the dome cover idea as a jellyfish would be AWESOME. I’m not sure what advice was given to you regarding molding silicon as a jellyfish top, but if I could implement that and maybe give it a perimeter of light, it would be absolutely dazzling! Power supplies are actually really easy to purchase, or if you have a friend’s old computer to take apart, you might be able to salvage theirs. You just need to make sure it can provide enough wattage to your entire system. I might be able to help you with that, or at least help you get started on it!


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