Gardner Nichols Constraints

My top 5 constraints with building a carbon fiber expanding table are as follows:

1.) Money: Carbon fiber is expensive and I would love to build a full dining table, but for now with my limited budget, a small coffee table will have to do.

2.) Skill: I have experience laying out carbon fiber, but this is a larger piece so I’m sure I’ll learn quite a lot during this process. But that’s the point!

3.) Time: I’m going to have to work efficiently. Luckily I have done a few carbon fiber projects enough to know what the hangups might be and avoid them with good preparation.

4.) The sliding/ expanding mechanism: If this mechanism isn’t done correctly, my table probably won’t be able to support a decent amount of weight.

5.) Space: I do have a garage to do a lot of the work in, but the spraying and clear coating will have to be done at the Idea Forge. Transporting this table back and forth won’t be too difficult considering I live very close to campus and I have a massive car, but it’s a bit of a pain.

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  • Mathew Tabor
    March 14, 2016 2:46 pm

    It sounds like you’ve figured out a good system for getting nice flat sheets, but for an expanding table you may need more complicated geometries in different parts. That may be a good test for you, trying to get the same finish on flat glass as a curved mold…it probably won’t be that easy but your curves should all stay relatively sublime so I imagine you’ll figure it out.


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