Radial Engine Top 5 Constraints

My project has been progressing since the last update. I have made a more developed CAD model (just missing valves) and have already procured the majority of the raw materials. Luckily the aluminum was cheaper than I thought and I was able to get it fully spec’d locally which makes the guys in the machine shop happy. I have even started working with the guys in the machine shop in the ITLL to make the toolpaths for the CNC operations on the main case. It is an unfortunate actuality that most of the project will have to be made on the CNC due to the required curves. Through the CAD modelling I discovered I need significantly more parts than I originally thought, specifically screws (I’m currently in the hundreds). Once I see how the machining is going, I will place my McMaster order in order to save on shipping for incidental items. I have also decided to save money and time by making the stand out of aluminum plate and just have a valve stem to be used by an auxiliary source.

My current barriers:

1.) Time – Really this should be all 5 as the machining time is increasing exponentially as I am now having to rely on the machinists to assist in the toopaths.

2.) Time – Its that much of an issue.

3.) Machining Limitations – Some of the parts are complicated by virtue of how they function. For real engines, these parts would be cast. This is playing into the time barrier.

4.) Money – Though I’ve been able to save money by not using bearings and buying my aluminum locally, the materials are still expensive

5.) Air Supply – Through some rough calculations, the motor will only run for ~300 revolutions with a 12g CO2 tank. This doesn’t account for losses which will, inevitably, be plentiful. Therefore, I think the run time will be roughly 10 seconds. I don’t want to have to lug an air compressor around though. Ultimately, the goal is for the aesthetic and it doesn’t have to run for long, but this is a consideration.

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  • I can imagine your project is going to be expensive. I’m so glad you are still going for it. Keep it up, it’s gonna turn out to be very cool!


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