Top 5 Constraints

The most critical constraints in creating my Fistcycle project are as follows:

  1. Creating a design that looks how I want but is also rideable. Designing a bicycle frame from scratch has been difficult. Extending or changing the shape of a tube or two from a current design is simple, but a larger deviation from the common “triple triangle” design such as mine is difficult, with many tradeoffs between function and aesthetics.
  2. Integrating componentry. Not only designing the frame to accommodate the available componentry for bikes but also finding and integrating components that go with my vision for the project.
  3. Time, Access and Money. Seems unfair to lump this into one but I find these are always critical constraints for projects. A project such as this can always use more time to get every little detail perfect. Also, I have only limited access to most of the tools and equipment necessary to work on this project. Its usually easier to throw money at certain aspects of a project such as the componentry in this project, however operating on a shoestring budget limits choices and leaves little margin for error.
  4. Finding Tubing Materials. Finding and determining a reasonable material for the tubing has been a challenge. There are several choices and many tradeoffs.
  5. Fabrication Skills. My initial skills and experience with welding and tube bending required for this frame are minimal and this is requiring a lot of on the job learning.
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  • You should check in with Greg to see what extra material he has laying around that you could use. I could help a little with MEG welding and am allowed to weld, but I have a friend that would be of more use.


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