Sophie’s Top 5 Constraints

I think my top five constraints are:

(1) Time    I am worried that things will go wrong and I will have to much to do and not enough time to do  it all.

(2) Money   Good quality wheels and trucks are going to make my wallet really hungry.

(3) Finding the proper wood   I can’t seem to track down the exact type of wood I want locally, so I may have to alter my selection.

(4) Skill   I have never used a laser cutter and I have some detailed work I want to burn into the deck, though one of my minions has laser cutting experience, and she has offered to help me out, so I might be okay.

(5) Motivation   It is getting to that time where I lose steam in all of my classes.  I really love my project, but it will be hard to motivate myself to actually take the time and do the work without much procrastination.

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  • Laser cutting will make your engraving time shorten down to an afternoon, so I recommend that too! I can help you laser cut if the training is too much time. I have an old skate board if you want some decent quality, used parts.

  • Samantha Maierhofer
    March 10, 2016 8:49 am

    Yay laser cutting! I am definitely down to help you with getting that taken care of. There is also a laser cutter training through the ITLL if you are interested in learning more about it. Can’t wait to see the final design!


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