Yusen’s top five constraint

There are some constraints in my project that I originally neglected.

  1. Machine shop availability. I went to fleming to reserve the mill machine and the schedule looks pretty busy.
  2. Time. I tried to begin the soldering this week. And the process took me much longer time than expected.
  3. Shipping time. The shipping time is delayed for the wood I ordered. So, overestimate the shipping time is necessary for the whole project.
  4. Materials. The materials arrived might not be the exact material you expected at first, which will hurt the project.
  5. Cost. I need to overestimate the budget since some materials might be wasted during the manufacturing process.
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  • Also the for the electronics you should probably start early because Tim is not always available

  • Oof, where did you order wood from? I still need to do that… so that could become one of my constraints too!

    Soldering definitely is a game of patience. I’ll be doing a lot of that too- are you working on that in the ITLL or Idea Forge?

  • Best of luck in the machine shop, I think the ITLL one is less busy but I’m not 100% sure. How are you reserving the milling machines? To my understanding, you get a milling machine if you’re the first one there regardless of reservations.

  • Your 5 constraints are very reasonable. The project is very much depended on these factors. Good luck on the project!


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