Brendan’s Project timeline

Currently, I am still working on the Solidworks model. Once this is done and I receive training on how to weld, I should be good to go to start the project.

3/16 – MIG Welding Workshop

3/16-3/18 – Consult colleagues about desired type of welding (MIG, TIG, etc.). If TIG is desirable, I’ll sign up for a TIG workshop at the Idea Forge or learn from my colleague.

3/21-3/25 – Spring break. Don’t know if I’m actually doing anything during this time, so if not I could work during this time and move the schedule up by a week.

3/26 – Be done with the Solidworks model.

4/6 – Deadline for cutting frame tubes. I consulted an experienced welder in the past about a swing bike, and he said this is the hardest part of the project. I am therefore allotting 1.5 weeks for this as opposed to only a few days for welding.

4/10 – Deadline for welded frame. The welder I consulted said he could do it in 3-5 hours, so 2 weeks should be plenty. If I screw up, the Boulder Craigslist is full of old bikes I can snag for less than $50 immediately for extra tubing.

4/24 – Deadline for decorating. Since this is the easy part of the project, two weeks is way more than enough time. If welding goes longer than anticipated, I can cut into this cushion. I should get done well before this deadline.

This is a conservative schedule. I am already ahead of it and I could get the Solidworks model done before spring break. As always, it is subject to change.

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  • Joe Yoshimura
    March 28, 2016 11:04 am

    It looks like you have a really great timeline planned out to be ahead of schedule even without using spring break. How did your welding workshop go? Since welding is such a difficult part of the project, I hope that you are now an experienced welder and will most likely be able to take on welding necessary for the project.


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