Here is my scheduled timeline for my wind turbine project.

3/29 – Have all components ordered / bought

4/1 – Have all components in hand

4/6 – Construct propellor assembly, create wind vane

4/8 – Attach blades to motor shaft with arbor

4/11 – Create mounting tower (reduced size for presentation purposes)

4/13 – Troubleshoot any problems with overall design, refine blades / arbor if needed

4/15 – Attempt to run to bank of batteries

4/18 – Present


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  • Thomas Briedis
    March 26, 2016 8:28 pm

    Hey Christopher! Your timeline looks good. Maybe you could add some discussion to how you determined the lead times for each process. Is 3 days going to be enough time for all your orders to arrive?


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