The Illusionist Locket – CAD

Hey all! So  over the past while, I have been working on making the CAD of this project (for those non-engineering folk, CAD stands for Computer Aided Design). This was not super easy, but I’ve recently had a lot of time on airplanes and in airports so making this has been not too hard. Below are some of my initial CAD assemblies that I’ve made.

Rendering - Oval Shape
In the oval configuration.
Rendering - Heart Shape - Closed
Twisted into the heart configuration
Rendering - Heart Shape - Open
In the heart configuration with doors open.
Half of the entire locket, showing how the half-pin might work.

I think the main idea is that the locket will live in the oval configuration and then when the pictures want to be looked at, they can be put into the heart configuration. I have also made a set of engineering drawings with one hole or feature for each step. The reason for this is that I’m anticipating on finding better ways of doing certain things and this might be a great way to take notes.

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