Sami’s Project Update 3/30

Spring Break ended up going pretty well for my project as the piece continues to come together. I had previously prototyped out a template for my acrylic out of foam core and started to play around with the LED strip to see if I had gotten the spacing correct. The results can be seen below.


As you can see, the LED strip works great! It is super bright and I am excited to see how it works with the arrows attached.


I then played around with placing arrow tubing in the holes from some scrap tubing I had lying around. The tubes fit nicely, as can be seen below, and the design should suit my purpose well. I think I may need to build more of a support structure however to keep the arrows standing straight up.


Once I had finished prototyping, it was time to start pulling supplies together. After sorting out the old arrows by size I had to take the fletching off of the ends in order to create just tubes. Next steps are going to be to measure and cut the tubes to length!


As for how my aesthetic fits the timeline shown in class, I envision the end product being somewhat of a mix/contrast between the organic design movement and the high tech movement. The circular pattern and waves on height and spacing of the tubes lead the design towards an organic feel, but the lights and the colors steer it more towards high tech. Combined I think that this should lead to an interesting looking piece as an end product.

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