Bar Door Progress

The barn door is coming along. . . Slowly. The pallet boards are painted, though I am still wrestling with frame options that will fit into the space available. I’m also trying to find a solution that will make the backside of the door reasonably attractive as well. The back won’t really be visible most of the time, but when it is I would prefer that it not look like the underside of a table. I’m still leaning toward glass or something similar, though something more three-dimensional would be more interesting. As I said, it is evolving.

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  • Elizabeth Whitman
    April 8, 2016 8:48 pm

    I am excited to see how the final product looks! It is good that you are giving yourself plenty of time think about it, try different things out and see what looks best. My dad just installed a home made barn door into my brothers house. It looks fantastic! If you are still figuring out how to attach the railing to the wall, I can give you more details on how he did so. The wall the door is mounted to is the same layout as the one in your home.


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