Infinity Mirror Clock Update

So now that the majority of my project is complete, all I have left to work on is improving the visibility of the clock when the LEDs are off.  What I am currently working on is painting on a glow powder that is supposed to glow for 12+ hours after enough exposure to light.  The best part (in theory) about this option is that the LED lights will provide additional exposure and further “charge” the powder so that as soon as the lights are turned off the areas painted in the powder will glow rather well.  As a redundancy, McGuckin’s also sells these very thin LED wires that I plan on securing under the clock hands to provide a slight back glow/light for the hands.  This will improve the visibility without producing the infinity effect.  The glow powder will arrive tomorrow and I will start experimenting with the powder and various mediums this weekend.  The plan is to have all the powder and wire applied to the clock by the next blog update (April 20th).  Once this is complete, all I have left to do is secure the clock frame around the clock and then I will be done with the project!

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  • Elyse Skinner
    April 18, 2016 9:57 am

    I also like the idea of this powder. Where did you get the inspiration from/where did you hear about it? So does the powder dry or appear clear on the clock/mirror so it isn’t visible to the eye? I think it is a great idea to put LED’s behind the clock hands since that will help the reader to actually use the clock as a functional item. This sounds like it is going well and that you will have a great project at the expo!

  • Brendan Warren
    April 17, 2016 10:15 pm

    That powder sounds pretty cool! Could you use epoxy as a medium? You can get some pretty clear epoxy (to the point it looks like varnish) and it will be bomb proof. The stuff I have used that is like this is meant for boats (check out West Marine), but I’m sure local shops have something similar. I really like you backlight idea even though it will not have the infinity effect. I think it will add that extra professional looking touch. Good luck. Looking forward to seeing it at expo!


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