Infinity mirror update 04/13

Since I have finished majority of the project for the last three weeks. For this week, I am trying to find a better aesthetics that fits my project. For right now, I would like to apply the traditional Chinese porcelain into my infinity mirror. I am trying to use some oil-based light blue paint to do some painting on my frame. The aesthetics of traditional Chinese porcelain usually involves the pattern of dragon or some unique paints of plants. Here are some examples:


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  • Ashley Zimmerer
    April 18, 2016 2:08 pm

    That would be really cool! Would you try to hand paint the designs, or would you use a stencil? It seems like it would take days to hand paint, especially if your design ends up being as tiny and intricate as your example pictures. I don’t think I’ve seen this aesthetic applied to anything that’s not ceramic or fabric, so you’ll certainly have a unique piece when you’re done.

  • Great idea! I think one way to make it easier is to use vinyl with the patterns you want. Just wrap the vinyl on the mirror

  • Hi, I like the idea of applying a traditional Chinese porcelain aesthetic to your project. Ceramic is a somewhat difficult material to work with – do you plan on building the clock into a ceramic casing or applying a paint that appears to be ceramic? The infinity clock needs a mirror and plastic front sheet to work properly – will the ceramic act as a facade around the clock? I’m looking forward to seeing how it turns out.


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