Update 4/13 – Thundercloud

This week I started building the cloud. Here is an image of some of the progress made. I am using a poster board as the main internal support for the cloud and the hardware needed to run it. I attached a layer of pillow stuffing to the poster board using spray adhesive and some embroidery thread. I made lightning bolts using LEDs and 22 AWG wire. The lightning bolts contain 1 or 2 LEDs. The LEDs are placed throughout the pillow stuffing and then the wires are run through the hole in the middle of the board, as you can see in the picture below. The wires will plug into an arduino that will rest on the other side of the poster board. I plan to add a couple more layers of clouds and lights. This will then be hung from the ceiling as a light fixture. I am using clear hanging wire that is attached to the poster board.


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