20th Century Design Influences

My project is heavily inspired by 20th Century Design Influences. I really wanted to mimic this modern look:


Straight sides, sharp corners, constant finish- this is the goal of my nixie clock.


I was very inspired by a lot of furniture from this era. This is another piece I really like:


Simple curves, pointed features, and white wood. I also really am inspired by the modern “negative space” of this photo as well- these chairs are not in a crowded room, but an open, concrete-floored space.


Finally, one last modern design example that has inspired me heavily:


Minus the wheels, this is very similar to the final form and visual aesthetic I am working towards. I really like the aluminum that’s incorporated in this design too.


From a project update, I hadn’t made much project during week 12- we were deep in the midst of senior design testing this week, and my work schedule was heavily skewed towards that. However, I made lots of progress the following week- stay tuned!


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  • Chad Alvarez
    May 4, 2016 2:11 pm

    I am a big fan of this aesthetic. I really appreciate a sharp, simply, and clean look especially in furniture. I think it brings a unique aspect to a room and makes everything look cleaner and modern. I know you haven’t made progress at this point but I am curious to see how easy it was to keep this aesthetic since the design must be perfected in order to keep clean lines and make every part match up perfectly.


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