Pre-Spring Break Aesthetics Game


Dang! Didn’t see this up, so I wanted to add it to the Aesthetics Game section. Ashley Zimmer, Dennis Can, Yusen Ji, and I had “Post Modern” and “Office trash receptacle. These are the two designs we came up with!


The right-side-up one is a curvey, three-piece set that nests together, and is made out of polished aluminum paneling- like the skin of an aircraft. Though not pictured, the insides might be brightly colored Red, Green, and Blue to show which can is which.

The upside down version is Cube Shaped, with a circuit pattern, and is backlit blue. The top surface is a matte-black, and the bottom is slightly raised, with strip lighting on the sides.


Focusing on flashy materials and bright colors, these post-modern office trash receptacles are sure to brighten up any workspace. Order yours today!

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