Aesthetic Exploration- Art Deco Revival

Art Deco was an art movement that started in France during the 1920s. It influenced everything from jewelry to architecture. Art deco focused on repeating geometries, non-dimensional illustrations and liked incorporating things that had to do with the influx of modern era technology. Art Deco was a backlash against the WWI mindset of rationing and minimalistic design trends. The 1920s was all about showing off wealth through ornamentation and luxurious decoration. As exemplified in the Movie metropolis Art Deco was also a trend towards accepting a new technological era.

Examples of original Art Deco-

Cartier Art Deco 1920s Emerald Necklace

-credit :

Chrysler building NYC


( )

metropolis movie (trailer)

Recently there has been a reoccurring interest in the 20s and the Art Deco Era. Starting with the redo of the book and movie The Great Gatsby.This has bled into other artistic disciplines, most notably Gucci’s 2012 evening collection. I see this new movement in the light of postmodernism. Today artists from all decorative disciplines are looking back towards different art history trends and updating them for out postmodern taste of eclecticism.

Art Deco by Lana Del Rey  (song)

Gucci, Art Deco 2012:

( )

The Great Gatsby Movie – 2013 (trailer)


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