Upcycle Progress: Hat rack

So My idea for a project is a hat rack. There are tons of recyclable materials that you could make a hat rack out of but PVC piping is a quality material that is recycled easily. It is easily found at building sites and in most peoples garages. It is plenty strong for the application of being a hat rack. Hat racks are necessary for a lot of people who own many hats like myself. I am constantly trying to find places to put them and they just pile up. I could have some hooks that I attach to the walls but I move a lot being in college and don’t want to be trying to remove them every time I move. I think there are opportunities to make this product very aesthetically appealing. With my initial sketches it will look very unique and with the right application of paint it will look very good. Here is an example of a hat rack that you can purchase from an online retailer.

Yes it is covered in cowboy hats. It will work for all hats though. Here is a sketch of what I would want mine to look like.

It will be angled to not be so uniform. It will have mass at the bottom to keep it stable and let it lean but be able to add weight.The hangers will be removable so that you can set stuff in front of it if you want. It will fit best in a corner!

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  • So classy. I think this idea is very clever. I have never really seen a hat rack before but your idea seem solid. I agree with Preston on the tie addition feature. You have the potential to make a gentlemen’s ideal accessory holder!

  • Preston Marcoux
    February 6, 2017 10:42 am

    I think that this is a really cool idea Hunter. I think you can be very creative with this idea and maybe even expand upon a hat rack in the future. Maybe you could create different sections for ties/shoes etc. The possibilities are endless. Very creative and it would be something you could do for the rest of your life. Cool idea.

  • I like the design, the lean on the rack gives it a unique twist. Also good material choice, PVC is super dynamic and cheap. Building something you will actually use is solid as well.

    Only worry I have is what aesthetic you will be aiming for with your design. Otherwise it looks great!

  • This is a cool idea! I think you should try to repurpose something meaningful and use that to create a hatrack…maybe something like old hockey sticks, skis, or other things. I can understand if you prefer to use something like pvc or metal, it will certainly be a different aesthetic.

    Why did you choose to go for a standalong rack, and not something that you can mount on the wall? By creating a standalong rack, it seems like you have a whole different engineering challenge to overcome with the base and balancing act.

    Excited to see the final outcome!



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