Upcycle Update : The Beer Can Hammer Man

One of the most common things that is thrown away in my house of seven people, is cans. Whether its tin cans from food goods or various beer cans from many different brands. I began collecting them as soon as I heard about this project but did not yet know what I wanted to do with them. I came up with the idea to re create a statue I remember seeing in a park when I was a little kid. It was about a 15ft foot tall, all red, all metal rendition of a hammer with arms and legs. This statue called “Big Red” by Ed Benavente is much to big to re create in its original size so I plan on making a smaller scale model completely out of beer cans and beer boxes.

 photo by Sandy Wang, http://www.sandywang.net/Hammer.html

Statue created by: Ed Benevante “Big Red”

I will be trying to achieve the aesthetic of beer logos/cans. I have seen many small trinkets, toys etc… that are made entirely out of beer cans so that is what I am going for. The cylindrical shape of the can is perfect for the arms, legs, hands and feet which is where I got the inspiration for the material from. The head will have to be made out of beer boxes due to its flat sides.  I will be using a dremel, hot glue and some scissors/pliers as tools. The goal is to make a rendition that not only clearly resembles the real piece but also stands on its own. Here’s what I have so far….

I will be cutting the cans at various angles to try to achieve a seamless fit. We will see how it turns out!


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  • Hi Dean,
    Your upcycle use of cans really resonates with me. I cant wait to see how you accomplish certain features of the stature, such as the cylinder of the hammer head. Do you plan to paint it afterwards?

  • Dean,
    I really like your idea of the beer can hammer statue. I too have many tin/aluminum cans lying around my apartment and never even thought that they could be used to create a piece of artwork. The nostalgia of the project also drew in my attention, because it is clear that you have some personal interest in your creation. I often feel more attracted towards things that I have some sort of personal connection to so I’m sure this beer can hammer man will be very enjoyable for you. I’m curious as to how you are fitting the cans together? Do you plan on using some type of glue, or simply cutting the cans such that they will fit together without any extra materials? Have fun on your project Dean!


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