Upcycle Update: A Tribute to “El Pulpo Mechanico”

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El Pulpo Mechanico: Duane Flatmo

Inspired by the giant, steampunk octopus of Burning Man “El Pulpo Mechanico”, I have decided to use steampunk as the aesthetic of my project and build a much smaller scale jellyfish. My current plans for materials include (but are not limited to) light bulbs, guitar strings, scrap metal, a wheel and other metallic office supplies. The jellyfish will be a purely aesthetic piece and serve somewhat as a tribute to the idea of “El Pulpo Mechanico”. I plan to end up incorporating new materials as I go along, as I feel that it contributes to the steampunk vibe of having scattered bits and pieces. While there are artists who have imagined this idea before, I intend to make it something completely my own.

Image result for steampunk jellyfish                      Image result for steampunk jellyfish


The Amazing, Blazing El Pulpo Mecanico


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  • Branden Goldenberg
    February 14, 2017 9:23 pm

    You picked quite a project as inspiration to live up to! Great materials to start with, I hope you have found more things to add as time has passed.

    P.S. I would be super impressed if your jelly spit fire!

  • Sara Palandeng
    February 6, 2017 9:58 pm

    Very cool idea! I like that you approached this with a very specific aesthetic. I think the materials you chose fit that steampunk aesthetic very well. Do you plan on having the lightbulb be a functional electric component? I’m excited to see the final piece!


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