Upcycling Progress: Broken Hockey Stick Furniture

As a hockey player and sports fan, I have always loved the sports aesthetic. Whether you consider it to be sports bar-like or a man cave, I have Colorado Buffaloes, Green Bay Packers, and Wisconsin Badgers logos all over my walls. However, I do not have any sports-related furniture. How cool would it be to have a piece of furniture to go with all the other sports stuff in my apartment!? That was my thinking when I stumbled across the following images.

Originally I was thinking I would make my very own hockey stick. I would use some pretty, lightweight wood and carve a custom shaft and blade that would fit me perfectly. I started to Google “Homemade Hockey Stick,” but what I found sparked a new inspiration









The limiting factor will be the number of hockey sticks I can salvage this week and weekend from the CU Rec Center ice rink. We have three club men’s games (CU vs Arizona and Arizona State Thursday through Saturday) and three club women’s games (CU vs Minnesota and CSU Saturday through Monday), plus the rink has already offered to donate a few broken sticks. My number one design is shown in the following sketch:

Depending on the dimensions of this side table, I would need anywhere from 6 to 28 hockey sticks. It also depends on how much I can salvage off any given hockey stick.

The images are courtesy of: https://www.pintrest.com/explore/hockey-sticks/

As I am not a member, all artists are anonymous.

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  • Think its a great idea, what are you planning to use to fasten them all together? I think being careful and using some sort of glue or epoxy would be cool to make it really seem like its only made out of hockey sticks!

  • Alex, this is a great idea! I love the concept of using broken hockey sticks into making furniture because not only are you creating something of value out of them, they add character to the final product. Also considering the fact that hockey sticks cost hundreds of dollars, the coffee table will be far more valuable than the retail equivalent. Like we discussed, if you can put a glass cover on top, it can add to the usability. Also if you double layer the glass, you can put memorabilia in the middle layer, further adding to the character. I look forward to seeing the final product!

  • I think this is an awesome idea! I love seeing interesting furniture like this in places like sports bars. If you’re able to successfully pull this off, I think it will be a great project. I’m intrigued by the picture of the coat rack made out of goalie sticks. It’s made so simply, but it looks really good. If you get enough sticks, maybe you could create something more than and end table. Hockey stick furniture is a really great idea, and I think you could push it even further.


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