Upcycle Progress: Beer Bottles

As we continue to dive into aesthetics one fun upcycling project came to my mind. Over the past year, I have noticed that most of the recycling/waste that leaves my apartment is empty beer bottles. So for my upcycling project, I have decided that I would really like to incorporate beer bottles and make them reusable. The first thing that came to mind is to repurpose the beer bottles to solve a different function which brings me to my project. I would like to create shot glasses, wine glasses, and drinking glasses from the empty beer bottles. In order to do this, I will have to learn how to make cuts into the bottles, and to heat the glass up at a correct temperature to treat the edges so that when someone uses the new glasses they do not get cut. In order to create my own aesthetic I hope to incorporate some sort of labeling process or cap process to give it a completely new aesthetic.


The Featured Image was found on the following link:


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  • Sweet idea. I have (similar) plans to turn bottle caps into fridge magnets one day. You could get some really cool shapes if you could get the glass hot enough. I am sure they have videos on youtube on how to manipulate glass with heat. A wine aerator could be a good one to make because the bottle is already shaped like a funnel. If you need different colors of caps, they are sold at Boulder Fermentation Supply. You could paint a logo or initials on the top of the caps.

  • Morgan Ulrich
    February 5, 2017 8:32 pm

    My roommate recently got a glass bottle cutter as a gift. We’ve been trying to cut wine and beer bottles, and it’s so difficult to get a smooth cut. My advice is to score a deep cut just once. Multiple scores seem to leave a jagged edge when the bottles finally break off. Our goal is to make a hanging garden in the window of our kitchen with the necks of various bottles as planters. I hope your idea works out!



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