Update on Aesthetics Recycle Project

I have decided that I will be making the Peggy Rockefeller Rose Garden out of recycled cardboard, paper, and plastic. I am not focusing that much on the colors, but more the different textures of the recycled plastics and papers.  I was also thinking, my house gets an abundance of newspaper ads that we do throw away.  I will be making the specific petals out of the newspaper and hopefully there will be a bunch of different colors on each to make them look unique. I chose this specific place, because I feel like this Rose Garden contains lots of different colors and the architecture is also very elaborate.

I enjoy the pinks with the fountain and the purple’s in the back.

I do not have yet photos to show of my project because I am still collecting newspaper and cardboard, however they will be here soon.


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  • Jake Silverman
    February 7, 2017 4:40 pm

    This can be really cool when done. I’m excited to see how much detail you can put into your recreation.


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