Design loop: Oyster box

For my upcycle project, I am creating a bowl to hold my keys and wallet that will look like an oyster.  I started with thinking about what materials I had available before I came up with an idea on how to use it.  My roommates and I had a lot of leftover aluminum cans and my parents also fill a large bucket with empty soda cans before taking them to be recycled.  I thought about making some furniture out of it, but I lacked the amount of cans or materials for a support structure to build it.  I thought about making a bowl instead.  It required less cans, but it was difficult to shape into a bowl.  I went back to brainstorming on the materials and thought of using cardboard for the structure of the bowl.   I thought about possible aesthetic choices for the bowl and decided to build it in the shape of an oyster where two bowls would be the top and bottom of the shell.  The cans are on the outside of the shell to give it reflective appearance like an actual shell would have.


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  • I like how you started with a material and came up with an idea from that, but then the material transformed a bit while the idea stayed heavily influenced by the original concept, definitely due to the intersection of the thought processes. That’s pretty unique compared to the other projects I’ve read about. Do you see any other transformations in the future, or has your vision cemented itself in your work? Furniture was a pretty ambitious start, so scaling back to a useful household item (a furniture for your accessories, if you will) seems wise.


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