Design Loop: Upcycled Bottle Tree


The design process for the bottle tree was fairly simple. Seen above it was a linear process and didnt really have any loops or iterations to it. I started off with the idea in my head. A picture of what it would look like and a general idea of what materials I was going to use.

After Brain storming I drew up a few sketches and iterated through what the base pieces were going to look like and what  shape I would put the bottles in.

From here, I started searching for my materials and found a decent piece of wood in my garage that I could use. I scrounge around friends house and mine to find all the bottle I needed. I also happened to have the epoxy and lights that I will include.

Next I drew up another sketch this time with some dimensions so I would be able to cut the piece of would into the shape I need. I also included rough locations of where the bottles would be and where the lights would go.

Now it’s on to the assembly phase…

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  • Super accurate version of your design loop (or line as I should probably be saying). Not much you can really improve here as the design process seemed to go smoothly for you. Showing the sketches might be nice though.

  • That’s a very straight-forward process! It would be great if you can add some of you sketches and pictures of the assembly so I can have a clearer idea of the design.

  • I have the benefit of having seen your final product (which is dope, by the way), so I can clearly see how your linear design process so well. Using material selection to create to influence your design choice was the same process I used in my design. Very cool aesthetic that fits perfectly with a college vibe while still maintaining a sophisticated level of conceptualization!


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