Upcycle Project Update- Design Process

I decided to scrap the idea of making a skateboard rack due to my lack of access to woodworking tools. Instead, I’m creating a steampunk chest/trunk with cardboard and duct tape. This is far more feasible and allows me to express my artistic talents better.

My design process included ideation, sketching, gathering materials, preparation of the materials, then execution.

This is a picture of cardboard and tape being used to make cardboard more stiff. This part in particular will be the top part of the chest.

I’m also planning on creating some gears out of cardboard and pasting them all over the exterior of the chest.

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  • Olivia Watkins
    February 9, 2017 6:53 pm

    I think it is great how thorough your process is all the way from ideation to execution mine is not as formal unfortunately ! I think it would be interesting with your steampunk theme if you painted some parts of your project with a metallic copper paint or stained it to look like wood to make it more antique.


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