Skill Set and Aspirations: Max Scrimgeour

Hello everyone,

This post is to highlight a little bit about myself and some of the skills that i can bring to the final project. Some of the major things that i feel would be of most use to other students would be my manufacturing skills. I feel comfortable in the machine shop and making various parts and items out of metal, wood or other materials as well. One other thing that i feel i could bring to the group is good eye for simple aesthetic designs. Going up with parents who are both in a design profession i feel as if i picked up on some aspects of their careers and can lend some of that knowledge to the group. Finally i feel that i am good at iterating on ideas and developing possible new solutions and different ways of doing things. This could be beneficial to the group in the way that if the project is stuck or having some difficulty incorporating different aspects some design iteration could help move the project along.

For this project my aspirations are to make a simple aesthetically pleasing functional product. Realizing that that description is almost defining the purpose of this entire class i am leaning towards making a chair that is influenced by some danish furniture designers. I have yet to work out how a moving part may be incorporated.

On the personal side, i have a job when i graduate, so that is the impending plan. I don’t have to start working until the middle of July so if i have the good fortune i would love to spend the time between school and my start date traveling internationally between South America and Europe. This is somewhat of my goal for life is to be able to travel all over the planet riding my bike and skiing some awesome mountains! still working on what might be the best means to support my self doing this… Either way i am excited for whats next and hoping to get out and explore wherever i end up in the future.

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  • Alexander Lien
    March 1, 2017 7:37 pm

    Manufacturing skills will be very valuable to your group and for your own project. Your traveling goals are awesome and I think it’s important to have goals in mind beyond career goals. Hopeful you can see your travel plans realized!

  • Being able to iterate through different ideas is a great skill to have. ALso growing up with your parents in the deisgn industry will help you understand the design industry better. I can see this knowledge you have gained to help your teammates out and help them realize the simplicity in their designs.


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