Skill Set and Personal Aspirations

Hi all, my name is Sofi Leroux. Below are my skill sets and personal aspirations. Additionally, I have attached my resume ( Resume_Sofi.Leroux ) if you want to see any additional skills I propose to employers. Feel free to comment on it, or the content below. I did not include any interpersonal or communication skills as I believe everyone should be equally equipped with them.

Skill Sets:

I have gained valuable skills over the course of my education. As a fourth year mechanical engineering student, I am experienced with SolidWorks and have been exposed to a variety of manufacturing processes. Additionally, I am very experienced using mills & lathes due to my position as a shop-assistant in the Idea Forge Manufacturing Shop. For a year, I worked with students to manufacture the necessary components for the slot car and quadcopter in the Computer Aided Design lecture, as well as accessed their drawings when they visited the shop. I expanded on these skills as a teaching assistant for Component Design last semester, where I mentored students in the design and manufacturing of their drill-powered vehicles. Lastly, I took several years of Advanced Placement Fine Arts in high school, which is where I learnt to sketch and properly apply colour and shadows to drawings. If feasible, I would pursue art as a career because I find it relaxing and highly enjoyable. All in all, I really enjoy designing and manufacturing metal and am happy to lend my skills out to those who need them.

Personal Aspirations:

My aspirations in life are to be happy and healthy: this is achieved by being passionate and engaged with life. At the moment, this is defined as success in my final semester of my undergraduate degree, finding a job that I am interested in pursuing after graduation, and enjoying my final season of alpine ski racing. When I was really young, I aspired to be “a mom and a rock star”; now, I want to be successful — defined by happiness and health. Additionally, I aspire to give the same opportunities to my (future) children as my parents have given me. I have yet to determine how to do this, but by being happy and healthy, I am certain it is achievable.

After I graduate in May, I want to travel. I want to experience different cultures for at least six months, hopefully a year. Regardless, I am actively searching for a job that will lead to a career in investment banking. Though I have enjoyed my engineering degree, I don’t want to pursue it as a career. I would be interested in consumer product development (industrial design), but many design firms are only seeking experienced professional engineers. Currently, I am simultaneously applying for jobs and looking at travel websites to plan my year abroad. Wish me luck 🙂

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  • Kira Sadighi
    March 1, 2017 10:06 pm

    Hi Sofi. Your future plan sounds eerily similar to my future plan! I’m planning to go to Vietnam and maybe Thailand for a few weeks after I graduate (the more people I tell, the more likely I am to do it). I’m also looking for a job. I was surprised to read that you don’t want to pursue engineering as a job. Not because that’s unusual (I don’t think it is) but that you own it so honestly. It’s refreshing. Also, I love the picture! Thanks for sharing!


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