Skill Set and Aspirations

My skill sets is in many ways similar to those of other graduating mechanical engineers. I can program, solve complex problems, am a Solidworks associate, have critical thinking skills, and am very hardworking and ambitious. On top of these skills, I am a people person. I am always happiest when surrounded by others and coordinating with a team. My social skills will be as valuable for me, if not more, than the technical skills I have picked up over the years. They will be what sets me apart.

As for aspirations, I am hoping to either become a project manager or a patent attorney. I am getting a certificate in engineering management and I hope that will help me along that path if that is the one I choose. As for patent work, I have always been drawn to invention and this would help me become part of it.

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Skill Set and Aspirations
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  • Emma Hammerton
    February 26, 2017 5:24 pm

    I love how you distinguish your social skills from your technical skills and value the importance of each. Being well integrated with groups and charismatic really can set you apart in the world of engineering. It also sounds like you are a passionate leader, which is a fantastic quality. Keep your motivations in mind and you will be a great engineer!


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