Skill Set and Aspirations

I quite enjoy working as part of a team… bouncing ideas of one another, offering suggestions, giving support. It’s very gratifying to associate with positive people who want you to succeed as much as you do, and who seek out your help as well.

I consider myself good at providing feedback on other people’s work. While at times it can be a challenge not to be too negative, I also feel it is important to get lost in the weeds from time to time if it means emerging with a lost jewel. I love those dirty details, and I’m almost always the editor of my team reports or papers; grammar, syntax, parallelism, flow… these are my tools!

I hope that I am able to use those tools to further my own personal and professional goals of helping improve people’s lives. Currently I work at Sunrise Medical designing advanced wheelchair seating systems through mechanical engineering and R&D. I hope that the skills I obtain in this course and others of my MSME (fingers crossed I get accepted) will enable me to deliver truly ambitious and successful products to those who need them.

I want to be Principal Engineer for a medical device company doing moonshot R&D on mechanical solutions to biological problems. Implants, organs, exoskeletons, etc. I want to be there thinking and drawing and prototyping and discussing and testing.

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  • Jeremy Parsons
    February 26, 2017 8:14 pm

    Luke, it is interesting and inspiring to see someone whom is committed to the development of innovative, new medical devices. I am in product development at Medtronic and you and I have spoken about the field before. There are lots of unique opportunities to develop products that offer tangible benefits and therapies to patients all over. Do you find that the regulatory processes and allegiance to serving a specific market limits the development process at all?

    • Development process, not really—of course there are special testing protocols and certifications that wouldn’t be required elsewhere, but to me it’s worth it. The most limiting aspect has been the job market… there are only so many companies that focus on re-enabling human bodies, and even fewer that actually put people before profits.


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