Skill Set and Aspirations: Ridhvik Gopal

Hi Everyone!

My name is Ridhvik (Vik, if you prefer) I am a graduate student of mechanical engineering specializing in solid mechanics. For a long time, ( a really long time) I have been in love with automobiles, and hope to work in the automobile industry as an engineer. My skills include SolidWorks. FEM (ANSYS), and sketching. have experience using carbon-fiber and got to apply my skills in the aerospace graduate project last year building a supersonic drone test bed. I am also a Teaching Resident Advisor at Williams Village North Hall and I mentor about 32 freshmen. Last Semester, I successfully ran a program with a professor teaching about achieving sustainability through design and got to see some really cool projects! I sketch anime and cars for fun and enjoy tinkering with Arduino boards. I hope to find a job soon which would get me one step closer to my goal of having contributed to a design of an automobile.

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  • I hope you’re able to get into your dream industry, Vik. This design course should definitely give you some of the tools you need to succeed. It sounds like you’re a good leader given your experience as an RA, but how do you feel you work as the member of a design team? Are you really ambitious, more supportive, really collaborative, etc.? What do you feel you can contribute to a group of engineers and industrial designers?

    • Ridhvik Gopal
      March 1, 2017 11:30 am

      Thank you for the comment. I have skills in testing materials and designs using Finite Element Analysis techniques. I love to sketch and am relatively good at it so I would say I could draw some decent industrial design sketches, and most importantly, I love working in a team! Some of the projects that I completed could not have been possible without my amazing teammates.


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