Skill Sets and Personal Aspirations

With 4 years in the mechanical engineering program, I have learned a number of applicable skills. I also enjoy learning new skills to continually broaden my skill sets. An important thing I can bring to the team is effective communication and feedback. I believe these are important skills to have in a team dynamic in order to effectively help the team move forward. I am also familiar with CNC machining and lathes. I’ve taken the welding workshop but I need some practice with it before I would consider myself good enough to do anything on a project with it.

After graduating, I will be an officer in the Air Force. I aspire to make a career as a Special Tactics Officer which has nothing to do with engineering. If i do not get this job however, I would like to be a developmental engineer.

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  • Communication is the foundation of any team and a great skill to have. Good communication leads to problems getting solved earlier, before they become overwhelming issues. Bad communication can lead teams to crumble. Even with amazing teammates, their project will suffer if they cannot share their ideas with each other.


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