Skill sets and personal aspirations

So what are my skill sets? I am familiar with using 3-D printing, although Solid Edge is not a popular choice for 3-D modeling, it gets the job done and can export models for printing without problems, that’s why I am thinking about using 3-D printing for my big projects, the concern for me is waiting to get to use the printers…

I am also familiar with using basic tools for project, but I haven’t had much experience in welding or soldering (or sewing), I plan on taking some workshops since my big project will probably involve sewing.

My personal aspirations? I always liked designing, so becoming a product designer/engineer is my personal aspiration, making something works is great, but I love products that go the extra mile to make something that works and feels great using.

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  • Shohei Hara
    March 1, 2017 9:04 pm

    That’s great that you’re familiar with 3-D printing. That can make it very easy to rapidly prototype to test out concepts for your project. I’d also like to learn how to weld someday. Maybe the project for this class will be a good opportunity to learn. I admire the pride you obviously put in when designing something. The extra mile you put in will surely show in the quality of the final product!

  • Alexander Thompson
    February 28, 2017 5:16 pm

    That’s so cool that you have always liked designing! Good luck becoming a product designer or engineer, I’m sure you’ll get a great opportunity in the coming years. I also think this is the perfect class for you if making something that works is great, but you truly love products that go the “Extra mile to make something that works and feels great using,” as you wrote. Your 3D modeling and printing will come in handy. I’ve never used Solid Edge but as long as it’s similar to Solidworks or Autodesk, we’ll be on the same page. I look forward to working on these projects together.


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