Skill Sets and Personal Aspirations- Cyron Completo

Most of my technical expertise lies in the realm of software/web development and design. I have a wide breadth of programming expertise, I can code in most C-based languages: Java, C#, C++, Objective-C, and C; high-level scripting in Python, Javascript, or PhP; web styling/markup in HTML/CSS; database management in SQL; and I have worked with server systems such as Apache and Socket.IO.

I aspire to gain a better understanding of user-centered design in taking this class. By working with engineers that do not specialize in the software field, I come to a better understanding of how other people, especially other engineers interact with physical systems which can be applied to designing/developing more accessible software applications.

My greatest aspiration is to design/develop a universally accessible social network which can be accessed by people in remote areas of the world and people with special needs. I think that mobile networking is the industry that I’ll be stepping into as a result, but I need a much greater understanding of aesthetics and culture as well as technical knowledge.

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