Skills Sets and Personal Aspirations: Jeremy Parsons

Skill Sets:

Product design and development, rapid/inexpensive prototyping, additive manufacturing, structured ideation and need identification. Overall I love designing for the human element in a product!


I am an avid designer and aspire to build a career around that. I am currently working as in early product development of surgical devices at Medtronic and designing a medical device for Children’s Hospital. I like medical devices because of the human element and the beneficial influences offered,  but am not married the field. I would be more interested in driving innovative solutions to challenging design problems and working on new things than staying in medical forever.

Looking forward, I am keen to apply my product development and design experience in a more customer-facing role. I could foresee perhaps starting a design consultancy that focuses on helping people identify their product needs and help bring those ideas and needs to fruition. After completing my MS, I could also foresee staying technical for a few year (3, 5, 10?) years and then transitioning toward the business side of product development, which may require an MBA. Perhaps a more wild tangent would be IP law and focus on helping people develop product from the IP side of the process. My entire life people have told me I should be a lawyer, I simply have enjoyed product design too much up this point :).

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  • Kyle Aulwurm
    March 2, 2017 4:26 pm

    You’re obviously really talented with design and it cool that you’re getting to get your masters in the field. IP law is crazy but that’s also where you get the big bucks!


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