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For the final project, I want to try and make the necklace pendant from the movie ‘The Illusionist’. After I first saw that movie, roughly ten years ago, I really wanted the necklace that was in the movie. Even though that was a really long time ago, every time I see that movie I still like that pendant. Now, however, because I’m becoming an engineer, it occurred to me that I could make the necklace myself (even though it will probably be a fair amount of work). I’m really excited about making this. It is something that satisfies the project requirement and is something that I have really wanted to try and make.

Below is a picture of the necklace from the movie:

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  • This is a really cool idea. It will be interesting to see what materials you end up using. Wood may be very time consuming, but I’m sure your final product will look great,

  • I love the Illusionist and always fantasized about my own secret locket when I was younger. This is a super cool project, but you might want to expand on your idea as it seems as someone has already done it for this class. I have seen secret boxes with similar hidden compartments that might be of interest. Additionally, a box would have larger pieces: I fear that the locker may be really difficult due to how small it is.

  • Kira Sadighi
    March 1, 2017 10:45 pm

    Hey Katie, I know a guy who made one of these, for this class actually. His name is Jeff Gay, and I can try to put you in contact with him if you think that might be helpful! Or you can look up his project on this website.


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