Aesthetics Compared to 20th Century Design Styles

The three 20th Century Design Styles I chose were: Art Deco, Art Nouveau, and Modern. These styles are a more simplified version of the locket, meaning they don’t have the multidirectional rotations. They are just simple open-close lockets. As can be seen in the sketch, the first drawing is an Art Deco styled locket. The…
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Skill Sets and Aspirations: Katie Yarnell

My skill set is similar to most pursuing an mechanical engineering degree. I’m proficient in SolidWorks. I have some experience in woodworking. I like being creative, usually regarding arts and crafts. I am happy to learn new things and I am a pretty quick learner. I have experience in material science from an internship last summer. My aspirations…
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Design Process

My design process was loopy. As I started planning the design out and actually working on it, some things that I thought would look good didn’t, so I removed them. Other things just didn’t work, like the Litchenberg Figure on the wood. Things got rearranged and moved around, like the hooks and the placement of…
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