Main project inspiration

For my main project I thought about bringing something new and unique to the table from my culture. The inspiration comes from inveterate arabic architecture and design. It is known to come in patterns and different appealing structures. The following are some pictures demonstrating it(1)

Figure 1:Example of design


Figure 2: Example 2 of Arabic design


The designs above just give some idea of how such designs could be detailed while there are so many more ways and interpretations, which existed for many. An illustration where the inspiration is seen a lot is inside mosques as they are known for the beautiful interior architecture. In the following pictures you can see some interior examples of such architectural design(2)

Figure 3: Shows the interior of a mosque
Figure 4: Another mosque from the inside as the sun rises outside


Another inspiration that came across my mind is to make a Majmar. Which is shown in the following picture(3)

Figure 5: Shows the Majmar


In my country, the Sultanate of Oman the Majmar has been used for thousands of years to burn incenses in a protective and stylish way, like a candle holder. It is made of clay and comes in different sizes and shapes. Here I get the inspiration to combine the arabic unique design and the Majmar to make a candle holder with a special touch.



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  • Dear Faisal,

    These are beautiful patterns and a wonderful idea to work with. I’m looking forward to see your creation!

  • Emma Hammerton
    March 5, 2017 10:14 pm

    These are some really beautiful designs and I love how you want to create something that represents the beauty of your own culture. There are many artistic structures and patterns that have come from this culture and had great influence on the rest of the world. The only thing I am curious about is: what are you going to do with the pattern you decide on? Will you indeed make a majmar, or do you have other ideas in mind for the implementation of this aesthetic? I’m really excited to see what you come up with!


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