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Hi all,

Ever since I came to the United States as an undergraduate university student, I have been intrigued by longboards. The roads in India are not good enough for long-boarding and biking is not as popular either. So when I first saw a longboard about 4 years ago, I was mesmerized. I bought my first longboard my freshman year itself and have had it for several years now. From my first fall to my first trick, I remember it all and it has helped me make it to quite a few classes on time when I should have been late.

I think it’s time to show my longboard how much I care and appreciate it – so I’m going to upgrade it into an electric longboard and give it an aesthetic makeover.

For quite a few years now I have been thinking about the process of converting my longboard into a remote controlled electric longboard and have read a few different blogs about several DIY projects. However, being the stubborn engineer that I am, I critically think about each blog DIY instruction and always find some flaws in the designs. That is why I am taking it upon myself to design a better and more reliable electric longboard. I will need to learn new skills but I am excited to go through the process! I hope to finish the construction and do a new paint job on the longboard – still thinking about the aesthetic that I want to use but I think this will be a good use of my skills and time. Also my teammates have experience with designing and with the several resources at ITLL and the Idea Forge. I am really excited for this project!

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  • Morgan Ulrich
    March 5, 2017 9:28 pm

    Cool to see you made the decision to go with the longboard over the aquaponic system. A lot of undergraduate engineering mechanical engineering students at CU build drill powered vehicles their junior year for the component design course (myself included). I’m sure any of us can help you achieve your goal.

  • Alexandra Rivas
    March 5, 2017 7:38 pm

    I’m excited to see that you went with this idea over your others! I really hope I can be of some help with the design/ paint job process.
    To me, being unfamiliar with this kind of process, I’m really interested in seeing all the steps you have to take to complete the project. How fast can your electric longboard potentially go?


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