Main Project Inspirations

My normal approach to deciding a project would be to pick an aesthetic and proceed to build something from there. However, for my main project Idea, I wish to do the opposite and create an object first and choose the aesthetic. This approach will allow me some flexibility in the design process. I love making Arduino projects and my final project will most definitely have one. I have a few Ideas to choose from.

Arduino ANSYS Box

A rough idea of the ANSYS box.

This Idea combines my love for simulation and art by combining the characteristics of a stressed body as shown in any basic simulation software (stress heat map) and puts it into a nice cube, the dimensions of which would be decided by sacred geometry.When stressed (pressure/weight in the top) the box would light up with the appropriate RGB elements in response to the weight.It’s a bit of a stretch, but it could also be used as an educational tool.

In Addition to this Idea, I also have an Idea to make the Tesseract from the avengers movie, or an analogue thermometer (with a clock like gauge in the style of my favorite supercar).

I would love to hear any critique from you all and it would be of great help to me.

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  • This is a very cool idea, I really enjoy the stress heat map aspect. It’s cool that its aesthetic is tied directly to the dynamic interaction with it. I think this idea has more merit than the Tesseract. Perhaps add a sound response when the box is touched.


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